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This is a great collection of the latest seating design creations from the German designer Philippe Krzyzek. The designer preferred to use materials with wood, stone and metal implements on his furniture idea.

Unique modern design Chairs

Design of a long wooden beam

Unique modern design Chairs 2

Lumber chair design natural


Unique modern design Chairs 3

Unique modern design Chairs 4

Unique modern design Chairs 5


Unique modern design Chairs 6Via

Unique modern design Chairs 7

Designed by , Splash Lounge is very unique, inspired by the splash a water drop creates when it hits a solid surface. Splash Lounge is the comfortable furniture to lounge in outdoors next to your pool.

The Splash Lounge is made from clay at 1/8th inch scale, the model was then cut up into 1/4 inch slices, scanned, blown up to full size plotted and served as templates for the full scale model. The form itself is made of pink insulation foam coated in Elmer’s Glue. A fiberglass skin, covered in Bondo and white high-gloss epoxy give the Splash it’s milky glow.


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