Artistic House in Sweden

Artistic house decoration ideas

This privileged apartment possesses an elegant interior with the main dark color gray in black located in nearby Lake of Hammarby in Stockholm, Sweden with beautiful views. interior design, the interiors in every single room pour full of artistic touching with the various ornaments adorning the rooms, that as if possess taste of magic because of interesting from the dark color. Elegant apartment decor, the decorations spread an elegant taste especially the bedroom designed beautifully with the big bed and the curtain hanging on the ceiling. Besides, the curtains of window adorn the corridors in elegant décor as well. The kitchen and the bathroom are possesses modern style with bright color of white. This adds a beautiful fusion among the rooms.

Artistic House home decoration ideas 2

Artistic House home decoration ideas 3

Artistic House home decoration ideas 4

Artistic bedroom home decoration ideas

Artistic House home decoration ideas 8


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