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Cozy Lígia Casanova’s Atelier

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 2

Lígia Casanova’s Atelier in Lisbon. It is a perfect blend of fantasy and cosiness in a space where you sense all the atmosphere of a true home…even though it combines a living and working are under one roof.

Located in one of the most creative areas in Lisbon, Lígia Casanova’s Atelier blends fantasy with cosiness in a space where you sense all the atmosphere of a true home. The living room and kitchen welcome clients and gests playing with the high celings and little details that you enjoy discovering along the way. The kids room travels you to childhood with little planets in paper machée flying over the head. Above all, the working space melts with all the rest, giving a true sense of comfort and joy.

Lígia Casanova graduated in design in 1987.
After acquiring her Master’s Degree in Graphic Design, she worked for Advertising and Design Companies such as Abrinício in Lisbon and Wolf Ollins in London. Eight years later, in 1995, she felt the need to bring some value into people’s lives: Lígia started to work as an Interior Designer.
“To make room for happiness” is her moto.
The moto she follows in every concept, from houses to stores to hospital areas.

Cozy Lígia Casanova home

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 4

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 5

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 3

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 7

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 6

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 8

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 11

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 9

Cozy Lígia Casanova home 10

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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