Birds in Home Decoration

Birds in Home Decoration 9

A beautiful and easy decorating DIY idea a lamp cage with colorful birds.

Birds in Home Decoration 10

Via Sema Decoration

Birds in Home Decoration 2

And a bird cage table lamp.


Birds in Home Decoration 8

Interior wall decorating with bird decorations or images of birds is perfect for celebrating nature inspired eco style and decorating theme. Stuffed birds, decorative bird cages and houses, bird painting on walls, pictures of birds or bird wall stickers, birds decorations and modern wallpaper patterns with images of birds add an elegant touch to interior design, creating serene atmosphere.


Birds in Home Decoration

Use birds and leaves to camouflage the wires that cant be hidden behind furniture. The utility factor remains questionable but it does increase the aesthetic value of the room.

Via a

Birds in Home Decoration 5

The above interior design was in a bedroom that was featured on . The bold, blue birds on the wall add a touch of whimsy and the brightness needed to make this room fun instead of average. With the sky inspired hue and the bird motif, visitors can almost see themselves flying out of the window and into freedom.


Birds in Home Decoration 12

Bird cage pillow. simple and beautiful.

Birds in Home Decoration 3

Cool . The white bowl is made of plastic for durability and easy cleaning, and the two bird utensils perched on top are just as functional as they are beautiful.

Birds in Home Decoration 11

This lamp was designed by Shanghai designer , lighting inspired by birds. The sockets is made of bone china, which is translucent, heat proof and electrically safe. Work with incandescent, CFLs or LED bulbs with a standard E-27 base. The bird lamps were designed to inherit the simplicity of the bakelite sockets but at the same time offer the user some more room for imagination – only by adding a little angle.


Birds in Home Decoration 7

Provide a little groovy mood in your pad with the following tangerine furniture: an enameled coffee table with cutouts of birds in flight and acrylic chairs. The Ice Chair is designed by Calligaris and all are available from .


Birds in Home Decoration 6

Wall hooks from on the left.

Birds in Home Decoration 4

On the left is a room divider from . The chandelier

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