One Million Dollar Crystal Bathtub by Paolo Baldi

one million dollar crystal bathtub by paolo baldi

Baldi, the Italian company renowned for its use of precious materials to create essential home luxuries such as bathtubs, vases, bowls and lamps, have created their masterpiece with the “Rock crystal bathtub.” The astonishing three-person bath was carved out of a single piece of rock crystal found in the Amazonian rainforest. 2.5 meters in diameter, it took six months to carve.

The daughter of world’s fourth richest man in Britain and Formula One racer Bernie Ecclestone, Tamara Ecclestone, bought this luxury bathtub $1m!

This is not the first rock crystal bath tub that has been created, but a similar bath tub made of same Amazon crystal was sold at Salone del Mobile in 2008 to a Russian buyer, who forked out $858,763 for this marvelous piece. The second piece that was not a replica but a unique piece in itself was created for Harrods with a price tag of $790,310. Tamara owns the third piece of its like in the world.

“It’s costing £1 million because I’ve got to reinforce the floor and I’ve had to pay for everyone’s travel and the hauling back and polishing of the crystal. But I spend a lot of time in the bath so it’s worth it.”

one million dollar crystal bathtub by paolo baldi1

one million dollar crystal bathtub by paolo baldi2

one million dollar crystal bathtub by paolo baldi3


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