15 Breathtaking Bathrooms With a View

15 incredibly beautiful bathrooms with a view possess features that make you never want to leave.

bathroom with a view photographed by Adrian Wilson

Awesome bathroom photographed by .

cottage bathroom with a view Piers Taylor

Inside an old gameskeeper’s cottage in Somerset, England, architect Piers Taylor selected a Tokyo roll-top bathtub from victoriaplumb for the master bathroom. The floor-to-ceiling window frames an epic view of the house’s somewhat isolated setting.

bathroom with a view in five franklin place by ben van berkel
This bathroom is part of an apartment development called FIve Franklin Place designed by of .
bathroom with a view Ellis Residence by Coates Design
Ellis Residence designed by
contemorary bathroom with wooden tum by James Cleary Architecture
Contemporary master bathing suite with wooden tub designed by.
bathroom with a sea view
luxury bathroom design with a view
Luxurius bathroom in a beach house.
modern bathroom with forest view
Modern bathroom with forest view.
contemporary bathroom with a view Jan Hochhauser
Contemporary bathroom Designed by award-winning architect Jan Hochhauser.
modern grey bathroom with a view
A modern grey bathroom with dream view.
white fresh bathroom with a viewVia
wooden bathroom with garden viewVia
awesome breathtaking bathroom with a view
bathroom with a view by locati architects interior
Bathroom in Milner residense designed by
bathroom with forest view by Yabu Pushelberg

The master bath of interior designers George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg of , which overlooks a ravine and forest behind their Toronto home, evokes the feeling of a tree house; the Spoon tub is by G. P. Benedini for . (January/February 2006)

Photographer: William Waldron


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    Will Ryles

    Absolutely love the wooden bath! I think these designs are great but (yes there is a but) I am not sure if I could use them! They all seem very on show! Have you ever seen the wooden house owned by the lead singer of REM? He has a big modern house in the woods, but his bathroom has a single glass wall. I always thought this was a brilliant piece of design, but very scary for anyone wanting to protect their modesty!

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    Ruth Nero

    These views are awesome. Thanks

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