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Modern and Fresh Home in Miami by DKOR Interiors

modern living room by dkor 3 ideas


Beautiful house located in Presidential Estates in Aventura, FL , designed  by DKOR Interiors.

A young Mexican couple approached us to create a streamline modern and fresh home for their growing family. They expressed a desire for natural textures and finishes such as natural stone and a variety of woods to juxtapose against a clean linear white backdrop.

For the kid’s rooms we are staying within the modern and fresh feel of the house while bringing in pops of bright color such as lime green. We are looking to incorporate interactive features such as a chalkboard wall and fun unique kid size furniture.

The bathrooms are very linear and play with the concept of planes in the use of materials.They will be a study in contrasting and complementary textures established with tiles from resin in.

modern living room by dkor 2 ideas


modern living room by dkor


modern living room by dkor 4 ideas


modern living room by dkor 5 ideas


modernd kitchen by dkor


modern house by dkor


modern bathroom by dkor

This striking wall is actually not a slab of stone, but rather a large photograph covered in acrylic, created by artist Alex Turco. “You can order these in any size, and they are completely waterproof, so you can use them in the shower or as a backsplash as well,” explains Donadel.

modern bedroom by dkor


modern bedroom by dkor 2 ideas


modern bathroom by dkor 2 ideas


modern boys bedroom by dkor

Modern boys’ bedroom.

modern bathroom by dkor 3 ideas


modern kids room by dkors


modern kids room by dkors 2 ideas


Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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