House with Nautically Themed Folk Art

living room with nauticaly folk art

Ms. DiManno ‘s interesting house with nautically themed folk art in coral, aqua and chartreuse colors.

In the living room, there is an eye-catching eight-foot-long wooden piece from the 1930s in the shape of a female swimmer (once the universal sign that a motel had a pool) hanging above the sofa. And the shelves on either side hold a selection of sand pails. But the strongest suggestion of the sea is the color on the walls: an almost imperceptible blue called Sea Foam, by Benjamin Moore.

coral and chartrause dining room

cozy breakfast nook

In the kitchen, the designers created a breakfast nook with coral-colored banquettes. On the windowsill is a slender wooden tray of glass floats, in colors ranging from turquoise to amethyst. A Popeye-shaped hot-water bottle hangs on the wall nearby.

simple bedroom design


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