Dream Vintage Bedroom Ideas For Teenage Girls

10 Dream vintage bedroom Ideas, designs for teenage Girls.

vintage headboard for teenage girl bedroom

Vintage headboard by .

vintage bedroom ideas for teenage girls

Vintage bedroom by . Furniture pieces and accessories do not have serve their original purpose. Make new pieces from the old and create a great new look and function. This vintage suitcase sitting on a stool is a fun alternative to a bedside table.

eclectic bedroom ideas for teenage girls

Beautiful bedroom design by .

For the sophisticated, chic teenager we went with a bit of a Hollywood Regency flair. Above the bed is a patch of wallpaper framed in with molding. The flea market found mirror is painted high-gloss black, and a white resin ram’s head is attached.

vintage teenage bedroom by sarah

Love the colors in this bedroom by .

vintage girl's room

Nice decor.


vintage girls room

Vintage Bedroom Designed by Lauren Gries

Vintage bedroom designed by .

wall mural ideas for girls bedroom

Beautiful wall mural in this bedroom by . There are small holes cut in the ceiling with fiber optic lights coming through to create the star light look.

pink vintage bedroom for teenage girls

vintage bedroom wit mirrors

Love the vintage, framed photo.

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