20 Concrete Living Room Design Ideas

concrete black and white living room

One of the easiest ways to achieve an industrial look at home is to use concrete. Here are 20 Concrete Living Room Design Ideas that inspire you.

living room concrete fireplace woodgrain

 Beautiful Boar-Formed Concrete Fireplace, and exposed wood ceiling designed by .

concrete living room 13

concrete living room with modern photo wall decor

concrete living room 14

concrete living room design 20

This is a wallpaper and it is great! Tom Haga started taking pictures of raw concrete walls back in 2009. Today you can find his wallpapers in fashion stores all over the world, and most likely in an apartment near you. Every image is unique. These products is a result of the hunt for new surfaces. Find it on .

concrete living room and shelves

Andrade, whose house measures 2,000 square feet, uses soft furnishings and a Persian carpet to soften the feel of the reinforced concrete walls and shelves.

concrete living room with colored stairs

The colored cement stairs become a sculptural feature in this concrete house.

concrete living room open plan kitchen

concrete and wood living room with central fireplace

concrete living room 21

Concrete living room by.

concrete wall and shelf for living room

Concrete by by 

. Love the use of concrete shapes against the warmth of the wood, perfect reflection of the color palate in the painting.

modern concrete living room and fireplace

concrete living room and fireplace

concrete living room and floor

light grey concreteliving room

concrete living room flooring

concrete floral engraving flooring

Artistic Concrete Flooring Patterns.

concrete wall living room

concrete living room 8

concrete living room 9

concrete living room 10

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    Awesome living room decoration ideas and all the arrangements are very much beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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    Love the colored cement stairs that become a sculptural feature. I’m in the middle of redecorating my living room. I’m so glad I came across your site. You have so many good ideas. I’m using Simply Decorate as my Online Interior Design Service. They help me coordinate all of my ideas so that everything comes out perfect. Even though I work for them, I could honestly say that their room decorating page is amazing, and their tools, ideas, and inspiration is the best. You should take a look.

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    I love this style!

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    I think it’s great that each design reflects the personal style of the designer. There is no one design that will be appealing to all, yet if you’re looking to sell your property go for a more neutral design that can be adapted depending on personal taste.

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