Louis Vuitton presents its New Collection Objets Nomades

“Objets Nomades” by atelier oi for Louis Vuitton

“Objets Nomades” by for . In context to the Art Basel Miami Beach, Louis Vuitton presents its new collection « Objets Nomades » for whom atelier oï created two objects: a leather hammock and a folding leather stool.

“ Inspired by the imagery of travel and of the great expeditions of the late 19th century, we decided to reinterpret a travel classic: the folding stool ”.
The stool is the result of the close observation of fine leatherwork principles, expressing craftsmanship and savoir-faire, allied to atelier oï ’s research on origami, the Japanese art of folding.
“ In materializing the art of folding, we transposed historical malletier techniques, such as the use of rigid membrane wrapped in soft skin, using modern materials. Thus, a light and thin leather satchel is able to transform into a seat in a single movement, allowing a pause during the journey … ” Available in different color compositions, the stool can stand as a unique item or live together with other pieces of the family.

“ Following the development of the folding seat, we were inspired by the theme of afternoon naps to reinterpret a travel classic: the hammock. Benefitting from the first project, from Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and our own work on the shaping of textile ribbon and mesh, we transposed the entire research to leather ”.
Through the process of torsion, weaving, pinching, and pleating, a structure was born – a weave of fine leather ribbons, in the form of “ farfalle ”, providing volume and strength to a simple leather strip. “ Thus, a leather strip becomes a 3D mesh of body, aesthetic, and comfort, inviting us to relaxation and enjoyment … ”

Louis Vuitton – Objets Nomades

“Objets Nomades” by atelier oi for Louis Vuitton3

“Objets Nomades” by atelier oi for Louis Vuitton4

“Objets Nomades” by atelier oi for Louis Vuitton6

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