Black Home Decor

Black Home Decor fashion 2013 ideas

Black home decor has the power! Check out these ideas for decorating with black and find out what’s hot in home decor!

1.  . This fragrance comprises an original mix of notes led by vanilla and praline. A delicate floral scent and vibrant citrus touches pour life into this fragrance, making it more addictive and intoxicating.

2. , $230.00. All objects in Vitra’s surroundings are instilled with a specific design and function – from cars to paper clips, from clothing to chairs. And design does not just mean giving things a shape. Design creates the basis which enables things to function in the desired manner. It is a process in which complementary but often mutually contradictory requirements have to be met (comfort, technology, ergonomics, ecology, economics, aesthetics). Design can be successful only when the balance of all these factors is attained.

3. , $29.99. Add elegant style to your home decor with lava decorative throw pillows.

4. , $587.10.

5. , $41.64. Original hand sculpt and hand paint Horse Mug.

6. Limited Edition , $1,500.00.

7. designed by . A “sculpture” which is at the same time decidedly “present” and yet immaterial, light and compact. The seating is suspended and the decorative Leather elements become structural, making it surprisingly comfortable, original and delicate.

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