10 Living Room Designs With Unexpected Wall Murals

A living space is a canvas awaiting your artistic imagination. Check out these amazing living room designs with unexpected wall murals and don’t let people tell you that you can’t do this. We can’t all be subdued and traditional. The most interesting and beautiful living spaces are those that break the rules.

1. Living Room with Art Wall Mural

living room pastel art wall muralPhotograph by Emma Lee

A pastel wall mural depicting Anthony Van Dyck’s Rinaldo Conquered By Love for ArmidaThe charm of watercolour is combined with graffiti by customising a classic image with a wash of rich pastels. The scale of the painting – covering a whole wall – adds to the drama.


2. Living Room with Portrait Wall Mural

hemingway living room

British fashion designer and cofounder of Red or Dead ‘s living room with wall mural from the Land of Lost content. Sometimes retro, sometimes kitsch, always stunning, Wayne Hemingway and Stella Mitchell’s larger than life collection of British cultural artifacts is meticulously reproduced, for a unique interior twist.

3. Living Room with Family Photo Wall Mural

Living Room with Family Photo Wall Mural

Do you have a digital family photo you’d like turned into a custom wall mural? Custom murals are a creative and practical wall decor solution. It’s easy and more affordable than you might think to turn your photo into a custom photo wallpaper.


4. Living Room with Floral Wall Mural

living room with purple floral mural

Living room designed by .

5. Living Room with Mediterranean Inspired Wall Mural

Living Room with Mediterranean inspired Wall Mural

Living room by.

6. Living Room with Nature Inspired Wall Mural 

Living Room with Nature Inspired Wall Mural

7. Living Room with Tropical Wall Mural

Living Room with Tropical Wall Mural

Bring the sun inside with  and Beach Wall Murals! Tropical & Beach Wall Murals are the best choice to bring a hot and exotic feeling into your living space.

8.  Living room with Outer Space Wall Mural

Living Room With Unexpected Wall Mural

Living room with an Outer Space mural as a backdrop. This is the. Bands of color. Printed on your choice of traditional wallpaper, embossed wallpaper, peel and stick wallpaper, or vinyl wall banner.

9. Living Room with Asian Wall Mural

Chinese Cherry Blossom Wall Mural

Chinese Cherry Blossom Wall Mural.

10. Living Room with Cityscapes Wall Mural

Living Room with Cityscapes Wall Mural

Modern living room designed by

Melina Divani

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