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Poetic Fornasetti’s Milan House

Poetic Fornasetti's Milan House

In his work and in his home, Barnaba Fornasetti carries on his father’s singular vision, surrounding himself with poetic, whimsical, and surreal creations. As the head of his family’s design firm, Barnaba Fornasetti has an in- nate sense for reinterpreting the whimsical furniture and decorative objects created by his late father, Piero, whose inimitable style has captivated the design world for decades. At his home in Milan, Barnaba has been just as faithful in honoring tradition, turning the ancestral resi- dence into a living tribute to the Fornasetti style.


Fornasetti's Milan House 2



Fornasetti's Milan House 3



Fornasetti's Milan House 4



Fornasetti's Milan House 5



Fornasetti's Milan House 6



Fornasetti's Milan House 7


Via nicety and ELLE DECOR

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