IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

Ckeck out the  Spring-Summer 2013 Collection.

IKEA Outdoor 10 Spring-Summer 2013

Bring the countryside closer. Unfold to relax, fold up and away to get more room for gardening. With the space-saving MÄLARÖ table and chairs, and IKEA’s wide selection of plant pots, it’s easy to create your own outdoor oasis, even in the middle of the city.

IKEA Outdoor Spring-Summer 2013

Summer nights – all the reason you need for a celebration. Making your small balcony party-ready is no problem when you have space-saving furniture, like foldable tables and chairs and a removable drying rack. And since they’re so affordable, you’ll have plenty of money left for the party favors.

IKEA Outdoor 2 Spring-Summer 2013

Extend your living room. Made of durable pine, this rocking chair can live both inside and out. And that means you can, too.

IKEA Outdoor 3 Spring-Summer 2013

Grow a new balcony. Even in the heart of a city you can create your own green oasis. With lots of plants and storage that’s safe for the outdoors, you can really make your balcony come alive.

IKEA Outdoor 5 Spring-Summer 2013

Ten of your closest friends are on their way over? No problem! Stackable chairs will help turn your backyard into a stylish outdoor lounge. And when it’s just the two of you, they can be stacked up and stored out of the way until the next backyard bash.

IKEA Outdoor 6 Spring-Summer 2013

Make a birthday celebration even brighter by having it on your patio. Stackable furniture makes it easy to arrange and rearrange according to your needs, and storage that’s ideal for outdoor use keeps the essentials (like the presents) protected and in reach.

IKEA Outdoor 7 Spring-Summer 2013

IKEA Outdoor 8 Spring-Summer 2013

IKEA Outdoor 9 Spring-Summer 2013

Park the car in the street and put the bikes in the backyard – it’s time to throw a wild open-air party with comfy seating, throws and colorful outdoor/indoor rugs. (Remember to invite the neighbors so you won’t have to keep the music down.)

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