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Missoni Home Collection Summer 2013

missoni home 2013 18

Missoni Home strives to bring a contemporary alternative to the home furnishing market with bold, fantastic, eccentric, one of a kind, and identifiable designs that are always uniquely Missoni. A celebration of flowers. The narrative of the 2013 collection is filled with fields of sun-kissed daisies, bouquets and expanses of daisies to lay over the bed or include in the décor. Printed on linen and light cotton satin; mixed with irises; daisies that seem like Van Gogh’s sunflowers; evocative of the style and colours of Pointillism. Delicate daisies bloom in embroidery on duchess silk or in the “faded” parts of jacquard weaves. We almost experience a kind of chromotherapy in this story of flowers, gardens and vegetable plots transferred to furnishings. Quantities of colourful blooms settle on beds, armchairs, curtains and outdoor poufs, hang in the air on Bubble lamps or become oversized and blossom underfoot on rugs. Daisies add a cheerful zing to sculptural Petals and mischievous Virgolas, evocative hammocks or Gravità sofas upholstered in vintage velvet. Check out the summer collection.

missoni home 2013


missoni home 2013 2


missoni home 2013 3


missoni home 2013 4


missoni home 2013 5


missoni home 2013 6


missoni home 2013 7


missoni home 2013 8


missoni home 2013 9


missoni home 2013 10


missoni home 2013 11


missoni home 2013 12


missoni home 2013 13


missoni home 2013 14


missoni home 2013 15


missoni home 2013 16


missoni home 2013 17


missoni home 2013 19

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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