1. ted dardzinski says:

    Hello! On the page 40 backsplash ideas, In the picture with the wolf stove with red knobs, there is a gorgeous red and black backsplash with triangles. Can you please tell me where i can find/purchase that backsplash? Thank you!! Tammy

  2. Hi Ted,
    These glass tiles are from .

  3. Aydin says:

    Hi Melina, I love your post, we have a backsplash designer tool. Please check

    If you want we can give you premium access for this tool for free, so you can place it under this post, that way your user can able to design design backsplash. Let me know.

  4. maybe you can try peel and stick tiles for kitchen backsplash, just peel and stick, fast diy decor the kitchen backsplash by yourself in a short time with a little cost