Timeless Living by Cochrane Design

black and taupe painted kitchen by kochrane design

Here is a gorgeous home. It was designed and built by  – an award winning firm based in the U.K. Cochrane Design specializes in creating exclusive properties. So, if you like elegant and luxurious homes, you should take a close look at the pictures of this property. You could get inspired by the timeless design and concept – produced by expertise and skillful innovation.

The entrance to this home is beautiful. You can see a very attractive landscape – designed using a classic combination of green, white, brown and black. The trees and other plants have been carefully selected to give you a refreshing appearance. A small lounge is located close to the entrance. There is a fireplace directly opposite it. This lounge is a perfect place for rela in the evenings while you enjoy the stress relieving therapy of this lovely garden.

As you enter through the glass doors, you will come into the foyer. A black table positioned right in front of you. This table is surrounded by special bucket-shaped chairs on which you can seat and have a snack and a drink before going upstairs. The shape of these chairs makes it easy for you to tuck them under the table when they are not needed.

The foyer is decorated with a nice color theme that consists of shades of beige, brown and black. From the foyer, you can have access to a long, floor-to-ceiling book shelf that spans the upper and lower floors – a creative and efficient use of space.

You need to climb up the stairs to get to the main living area. It is designed using the same color palette used in the foyer. Light brown sofas covered with luxurious velvet upholstery surround a dark brown centerpiece. Beside the living area, you can see a dark brown dining table surrounded by six chairs covered with ash colored upholstery. A distinct contrast has been achieved with the two large black and white picture frames and the thick black frame on the fireplace.

A peep into one of the elegantly furnished bedrooms will show you a very long headboard covered with brown upholstery. Two overhead lights rest beside the headboard. Two bedside drawers are also placed beside the bed with two reading lamps to give perfect symmetry. Two gray throws provide a nice contrast to the white bed cover. At night, the glittering chandelier can offer you unique lighting effects.

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timeless interior design by kochrane design 2

timeless interior design by kochrane design

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Timeless Living by Cochrane Design13

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Timeless Living by Cochrane Design 7

Timeless Living by Cochrane Design 9

Timeless Living by Cochrane Design 10

Timeless Living by Cochrane Design11

Timeless Living by Cochrane Design14

Timeless Living by Cochrane Design12

Does this design inspire you? If you want to buy this home, what will attract you to it? Are there any aspects of this design that you’ll like to change? Your comments can help and inspire others. So please share your views in your comments. Thanks.

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    The design is simply elegant and classy

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