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18 Ideas To Decorate With Apothecary Jars

Ideas To Decorate With Apothecary Jars

Apothecary jars are a marvelous way to add panache as a decorative element to your home. They are extremely versatile and can be used in just about any room in your home. However, you will probably see them most in kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories, or placed on accent tables in hallways and living rooms. Nonetheless, apothecary jars are as flexible as your imagination will allow.

Most apothecary jars you find will be clear; however, it is not hard to find amber, brown, or blue jars either. They come in numerous shapes and sizes with different types of lids as well. Here are a few different ways you can change ordinary objects into things of beauty by using apothecary jars.


One of the newer trends in kitchen décor is geared towards open and airy spaces. Herbs and spices placed in apothecary jars with rubber stoppers are a practical way to keep your “greens” fresh and display them at the same time. It’s astonishing what a jar of basil leaves or limes sitting on the kitchen counter can do. Other kitchen tips include:

-Use fresh produce like lemons and oranges in large apothecary jars. The look is amazing!
-Don’t forget about pasta, seeds, and nuts.
-If you have a “green thumb,” create a garden of succulents.


Apothecary jars make great table decorations. Arrange them in the middle of your table descending from the largest to the smallest jar. Fill them with beautiful flowers, ribbons, jellybeans, spices, or scented candles, whatever fits the mood. You can always change the ornamentation as the need arises. If you keep jars on hand, the ideas will automatically come.


There are so many items you use while in your bathroom that can easily fit into a jar like decorative soaps, cotton balls, cotton swaps, and miniature sizes of items like hand lotions, shampoos, etc. Other times that look cool in apothecary jars in a bathroom include:

-Dried flowers
-Bath beads

Or, whatever suits your fancy!

In addition, there are apothecary jars with spigots attached to them that you can use to mete out lotion, liquid soap, gels, and conditioners.


There are tons of creative ways to fill your apothecary jars for special occasions, for example:

-For Valentine’s Day fill a jar with candy hearts, or chocolates.
-At Christmas, fill separate jars with ornaments, candy canes, scented pinecones, acorns, or cinnamon sticks.
-For memories of fun vacations, fill your jar with shells, sand, or stones from a trip you took near the ocean.

Other fantastic items you can place in your apothecary jars include marbles, buttons, colorful autumn leaves, miniature landscapes, ribbons, and much more! Just let your mind run free and have fun!


Photograph: Martha O’Hara Interiors

Spring apothecary jar decor

Spring apothecary jar decor by Setting For Four.

Fall and Halloween filler idea

Fall and Halloween filler idea by Setting For Four.

Gorgeous apothecary jars

Gorgeous apothecary jars by PB.

Gorgeous apothecary jars 2 Gorgeous apothecary jars 3 Ideas To Decorate With Apothecary 7 Gorgeous apothecary jars 4 Gorgeous apothecary jars 5 Ideas-To-Decorate-With-Apothecary-Jars-10 stacked apothecary jars stacked apothecary jars 2


Stacked Apothecary Jars by west elm.

Apothecary Jar Terrarium Set Bones – Skeleton In Apothecary Jar

Bones – Skeleton In Apothecary Jar.Ideas To Decorate With Apothecary Jars 15 Ideas To Decorate With Apothecary Jars 16Apothecary Jars set

I love this apothecary jar 3 piece set. You can find it here.



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