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An Old Barn Turned Into a Lovely House



This charming traditional stone house, in Catalonia, Spain, was reconstructed from a former stable. As the family size of the owners increased, they needed more space to properly accommodate family members. So they converted this stable into a beautiful home. The home is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and a very attractive garden.

The original stable had stone walls with concrete beams all through. A light colored grout was chosen to lighten up the appearance of the stones. A skylight was opened in the roof. The windows spaces were opened and distributed in pairs to bring in natural light. An olive green color was chosen for the windows and some internal walls to blend with the greenish gray cement used in the bathrooms.

The Lounge: This charming living room has an antique center piece on four wheels with a gorgeous carpet. Dark gray sofas with several light colored throw pillows surround the antique wooden center piece.

From this angle, you can the skylight used to increase the amount of natural light in the living area. The elegant fireplace has a continuous concrete mantel that leads up to the chimney. On both sides of the fireplace, several shelves containing books and some potted plants have been arranged to bring the fireplace into focus.

The dining area: A square dining table covered with striped table cloth has 8 dining chairs arranged around it. Twin windows, with a charming arch design and olive green frames, bring in unfiltered brilliant natural light. You can have refreshing scenic views of the garden while you sit at this dining table. A conspicuous antique basket-lighting fixture hangs from the ceiling which is made out of wooden beams.

The Children’s room: This beautifully designed children’s room has smooth plastered walls and two elegantly framed windows. A neutral color is used for the ceiling, walls and the bed frames while the throws and toys provide accent colors.

Here’s one of the standard bedrooms in this home. Light and neutral colors are used for the walls, drapes and floor. The olive green window frame provides a gentle contrast. But the dark gray throw pillows and the gray bed cover give a sharp contrast to the white headboard. Several antique furniture pieces are placed around the room.

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Now it’s your turn to rate this design. What aspects of the design do you like? What will you like to re-model in this home? Would you like to spend part of your holidays in this elegant reconstructed home?

Images: el mueble

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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