A Dream House In Portugal

A Dream House In Portugal

Sometimes the exterior of a home cannot compare to the interior; however, this beautiful home in Alagoa Portugal manages to create a beautifully tranquil exterior décor that is just as pristine as the interior. It appears smaller than it really is. Five terraces, a huge field in the back full of olive trees, and a uniquely shaped wooden beamed roof all come together to create a magnificent dwelling designed for comfort. There are hidden byways and miniature places here and there that make this abode unique down to the last detail.

White is a classic tone often used as a backdrop because it easy to add any color scheme. In this fabulous home, rich pastels are scattered throughout the interior and exterior to enhance the white backdrop. The entire color scheme echoes a beach house ambiance. It’s comforting and relaxed, yet lively and inspiring.

The light airy interior décor is ideal for casual year-round entertaining. The terracotta and stone floors throughout the home maintains a “down to earth feel” in spite of the vibrancy that radiates everywhere. White textured and flat walls support unique furnishings like the white oval shaped armchair by Ron Arad of Driade. In addition, the ceramic multi-colored extended wall accent table was especially created by Marisa Osorio and Joao Luis Correia. There’s no question that each piece was well thought-out and chiefly designed to fit perfectly in this wonderfully styled home.

The iron auxiliary tables add a magnificent touch along with painted vases filled with stems of rich green foliage. The décor inside and out has purposely remained simple as not to interrupt the flow that sashays from room to room. Specially designed chairs modeled after the modernistic furniture designer Philippe Stark are extraordinary.

Bedrooms are bright and modest. In the bathroom, the identical principles of décor that are used in the rest of the house are evident. Abundant space, fun color, and intense natural light make the bathroom seem more like a living room or meeting area. Entertaining colors are achieved with a patchwork and a splash of tiles of different hues.

Pendant lights hang from the ceiling in each room specifically designed for that space. The lush of colors run from the interior to the exterior, outdoor pastel cushions, and ultra-modern chaise lounge designed chairs are set alongside the pool for easy access to a delightful swim and sunbathing.

Something that really makes this home uniquely distinctive is the way nature is blended into every aspect of the décor. Exposed beamed ceilings painted in a denim-rustic blue shade, uneven stoned floors and walls, exquisite marble, and elongated pieces of dark wood to separate the space into various compartments is a complement to natural design in an exceptional way. A Dream House In Portugal 2 A Dream House In Portugal 3 A Dream House In Portugal 4 A Dream House In Portugal 5

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