10 Best Loft Beds With Desk Designs

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If you are looking at designing a new bedroom for your child, but are limited with space, then loft beds with desks can be the perfect solution. These items are perfect in that they combine so many important features that are required in a bedroom, but do so in a compact manner whilst still providing ample storage space, a place to study, and of course that all important bed.

Layouts And Design.
First, we should look at the layouts and there are numerous options available to you. If we just focus on what lies beneath the bed, then what you will see is that you are able to choose from those that simply have a desk as a study area whilst others include a wardrobe and additional storage space along with the desk. The ladder to access the bed can also be placed on the end in order to create more storage space although it is more common for it to be on the front, but to one side.
For the design, then this type of loft bed does come in various wood or there is the other option, which is a metal frame. It also has different styles from plain pine, to those that can fit in perfectly with the dream kids bedroom, or a slightly more grown up look to it for those kids that are starting to move into those teenage years.

It is worth mentioning storage again because often this is the one thing that is lacking in a small bedroom. With a loft bed, there is the option of having a wardrobe built in with it either on the front or you can also include it to one end although you do have to remember the depth of the wardrobe if this is your preferred option. Alternatively, you can drop the wardrobe idea and look at a built in cupboard, or a box storage idea depending, once again, on the design you have opted for.
What is clear is that if you are trying to layout a bedroom for a child and there is limited space, then loft beds with desks really are the best possible solution. They provide pretty much everything that you need in one compact piece of furniture and with so many options available, there is no doubt that you will find the ideal piece to fit in with the room.

Chelsea Vanity Loft Bed

Beautifully built with four times the functionality, this unique setup lets you sleep, study, store and style your look all in one place.

Madeline Bunk System With Twin Bed Set with desk

This well-engineered system nests everything your child needs into one elegant design, including an extra twin bed, a beautiful writing desk, and open and closed storage.

white loft bed with desk 3

Innovative from top to bottom, and recently re-engineered for extra durability and safety, this ingenious setup gives you a place to sleep, study, and store.

dark brown wood Beadboard Loft Bed

Bring work and sleep to new heights with the expertly crafted Beadboard Loft, designed with a full bed up top and a spacious desk, cabinet and dresser below.

Sleep + Study® Loft 2

Innovative from top to bottom, and recently re-engineered for extra durability and safety, this ingenious setup gives you a place to sleep, study, and store.

Canwood Skyway Loft Bed with Desk and Storage Tower

The Canwood Skyway Twin Loft Bed boasts plenty of storage for your child with an incredibly stylish design. Featuring 5 spacious drawers and shelves on either end of the bed that can double as a desk, the Skyway Loft Bed by Canwood is the perfect multi-functional bed for any child’s room.

Kids School House Student Loft Bed in White 

n a compact footprint you get it all with the Student Loft: Sleep, study, storage, style and versatility.

gray Full Loft Bed with Desk

Six drawer dresser end with integrated shelving. Ladder and dresser ends are completely modular and can be positioned on either the right or left side of the front rail.

Twin Low Loft with Roll-Out Desk, Chest and Bookcase


This is a beautiful piece of furniture. It’s a really good deal considering that you get a bed with a separate bookshelf and dresser.

Coaster Loft Bed Full Size Work Station

Fun with function, this updated style loft bed includes spacious workstation. The complete set comes in a black matte finish and is versatile with a great contemporary look.

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