Grey Is The New Neutral

Grey Is The New Neutral

In the world of decorating, grey is the new neutral. It is a deeply sophisticated neutral that provides intensity to understated hues and enhances bold shades. However, getting grey right can be complex. The magnitude of a certain hue, whether cool or warm, can induce an entirely different ambiance and have a tremendous impact on the vibe of the room. For example, the living quarters in these photos evoke a cool, quiet, mellow feeling. Mastering the art of using gray is epitomized flawlessly. To master the color grey to this level takes lots of planning and expertise.

The walls do all the talking while the various furnishings, accent pieces, and lighting distracts from the deep hued grey and extends the vibrancy of the room in a subtle way. Oriental carpets with shades of red, blue, and off-white; blue and white Louie XV styled sitting chairs, and a white solid rela chair give the living room a cozy aura despite the steel grey walls and ceiling. The effect is dynamic and exquisite.

Small enclaves throughout the residence showcase an array of objects that are unique and complementary to the entire scheme of the residence. The small section dining table is strategically placed near an arched shaped window with high-back cushioned chairs creating a cozy atmosphere in a distinctively bejeweled kitchen space.

Fantastic wall art creates a marvelous contrast. It’s as if the grey color scheme works as a blank canvas inviting numerous hues and objects thereby creating a stimulating vision.

The bathroom takes a unique turn in the home’s color scheme; however, it remains complementary to the rest of the home décor. Pale hues with deep grey shades are always a winning combination. It’s calm, rela, and works wonderfully in one of the busiest rooms in the home; therefore, it makes sense to create a contrasting atmosphere.
The corridor has its own little forte. It’s cozy, comfy, and masterfully manipulated. Mirrors give the illusion of additional space and the layout suits the small space perfectly. A stunning view from the balcony that radiates during the evening hours is amazing. Balconies are much like another room, opening the double doors to the outside world to gaze at such a panoramic view give this residence the “wow” factor. It’s simply stunning!

Grey is a color where you can place it in the background as if it’s not there or you can let it stand out. In fact, according to psychology, grey is the color that signifies peace and balance, and it accomplishes these sentiments very well in this superbly furnished residence.

A striking chandelier, distinct accent pieces, harmonious movement throughout the décor creates an edgy yet timeless dwelling that is masterfully decorated and marvelously inviting.

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