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Retro Design in Modern Times

modern retro interior design

Simple is better, and this attractive apartment by The New Design Project, proves it. The easy furnishings and décor have a distinctive quality. Each piece speaks out in its own way. For example, the metal table with wheels is a striking piece of art. It adds just the right amount of uniqueness to the décor without overwhelming the small space. It’s a focal point as well and will have guest inquisitive about its origin!

The living room area size is quaint stylishly designed. A checkered grayish hued rug adds the right amount of coziness while the paned window allows adequate natural light. A three-cushioned sofa lends itself to the comfort of the room as well. The sofa style is reminiscent of the 60s with short wooden legs and straight lines. The exceptional metal storage area fitted with smaller storage containers fits beautifully with the complete layout. The exposed brick wall trimmed with metal stripping brings everything down-to-earth. It’s very much earth meets galaxy in a roundabout way.

Doors are designed to create privacy and keep inhabitants safe in their residence, but rarely do they have the aesthetics and appeal that this door brings to this living space. This type of doorknob is reminiscent of mid-century modern upscale homes. Though rare in the US, they can still be found in various places throughout Europe.

The small kitchen design is a smooth transition from the living area. It blends flawlessly with the ambiance of the space. The backsplash is certainly from a retro era, and the cobalt blue cabinets add the right amount of color to create a dynamic arrangement. Stainless steel appliance fit effortlessly with the rest of the layout.

The theme throughout the apartment easily carries over to the bedroom and bathroom area. White walls serve as an open canvas in the bedroom while white tiles splashed with vibrant color adorn the bathroom. An interesting bedside table is created with cement blocks producing the perfect accent piece. Lovely draped curtains bring a sense of elegance to the décor. A black and white chest of drawers is a throwback to the 60s theme found in some areas throughout the home.

Avant-garde pieces of art are noticeable throughout the space. For example, suspended small psychedelic styled photos create an interesting effect against the brick exposed wall. Geometric lines, funny words in frames, and tiny shelves adorn the walls in various rooms. Comfortable seating, enticing textures, eye-catching art, and easy living perfectly sum up the style of this superbly decorated apartment. It’s certainly designed for comfort while also adding a bit of subdued flair and masterful ornamentation.

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Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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