A Calm Decor In A Wild Setting

calm traditional home decor

Casual elegance structured around soft tones is what this beautiful home signifies. It’s plush but not lavish. It oozes with comfort and exclusiveness. Located on Karpathos, Greece and designed by , it’s the type of home you love to live and play in. There’s a bit of shabby-chic décor throughout the home tinged by muted beiges and browns along with one-of-a-kind wooden accent pieces. The living room area is cozy but spacious with soft crème floors, a sofa with safari designed throw pillows, distinct wooden accent tables, and dark metal chandelier. In many ways, the décor reminds one of a cottage or chalet. The wainscoting along the divider in the room with detailed carvings in various parts of the wood is very much like a chalet. The small beams along the ceiling add dimension and depth to the room while the white walls maintain the room’s openness and beauty. It’s personable but sociable.

There’s an organic theme that runs through each room. The décor highlights wholesomeness, tranquility, and relaxation. For example, in the bedroom, the only thing needed is trickling water and you’d feel as if you’re on some exotic vacation in the wild, or perhaps rela in a health spa.

The layout of this lovely home has a number of nooks and crannies too. You’d have no problem finding a nice area to read a book or become one with your thoughts. In fact, the décor appears so comfortable both the furnishings and the floor offer the same sense of appeasement and relaxation; either will do while unwinding! The daybed adds a nice touch and offers additional coziness to the space. Guests are certainly welcome in this lovely home.

The suspended glass-ball lighting seems more like candles. The soft glow easily turns this home into a cozy den during the nighttime hours. The kitchen area is adorned with a lovely pale greenish-blue color in the appliance and wallpaper, offsetting the natural themed shades. It’s a hard color to place in any décor but it harmonizes perfectly in this setting. The beautiful theme is also carried outdoors with casual patio furnishings.

The décor in this abode exudes individuality, love of nature, and a great sense of style. Every piece from the baskets and mirrors aligning the wall, the metal distressed canisters in the eating area, the uniquely finished ceiling, and the gorgeous setting outdoors, indicates that those living in this home have a respect for nature and life itself. It’s just natural, simple, and easy. Anyone who walks in the door automatically finds the décor unique and absorbing, but not untouchable. It’s inviting, warm, and welcoming as any “real” home should be.

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