Timedrops Monumental Houses, otherwise “happy houses” is a cluster of 5 traditional luxurious houses each one with a private pool and terrace, located at the preserved settlement of Emporio village in Santorini. The name of each house is inspired from a significant period (time drop) in the history of Santorini.  The five stone built houses, dating from the early 20th century, have been fully renovated and restored during the last 17 years paying attention to detail and following the traditional unique techniques of the local craftsmen. A great effort has been put in preserving the architectural lines, as well as many original elements of the houses, in order to create an authentic accommodation experience for our Guests. Each house has its own name which displays a specific time period of Santorini. The furnishing and the items found in the houses are of significant value, original handmade pieces that date back decades and centuries. Each element has its own history, origin and date of construction. Information for each item is exhibited at the Art Gallery section. The cluster follows an eco-friendly character using construction materials that are environmentally friendly, as well uses traditional air-conditioning systems, bins for recycling and has to propose a list of creative activities based on alternative tourism where the guests can experience the real side of Santorini.Timedrops has managed to capture moments from the rich history and the unique spirit of Santorini Island.With respect to the culture, the tradition and the environment Timedrops Monumental Houses wish to transmit to its guests these «drops of energy» so as their accommodation acquire an intense aroma of each period of Santorini.