31 Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Find the best bohemian bedroom designs. Your bedroom speaks for your identity and lifestyle. And the bedroom decor that will definitely represent everything you are is none other than Bohemian style. Bohemian style is used to adorn any parts of home, but since you’re more likely to spend your day in your bedroom, we have prepared four bohemian bedroom ideas for you.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

1. Floor Sweeping Linens

Decorating your bedroom with floor sweeping linens can give it a Bohemian touch. All you have to do is set a canopy standing in the four corners of your bed, and then use long pastel sheer linens as the canopy’s covering. Just make sure the linens have at least three inches excess for them to sweep on the floor when the breeze from your window comes into your room.

2. Organic Elements

This bohemian bedroom decor requires organic elements including, but not limited to, ornamented fabrics and accessories. For instance, you could arrange pillows on your bed in any quantity desired as long as they have floral and varying patterns. Laying doormats with the same patterns is recommendable too to supplement the organic elements atmosphere brought by the cushions.

3. Colorful Accents

To achieve a bohemian style bedroom, it’s of great importance to use different hues. You have the leeway to choose from a number of colors that would make your room as bright as a typical bohemian bedroom. If your bed sheet, comforter, pillowcases and rugs express bright shades, it’s essential that you partner them with bright bedroom belongings such as paintings, lampshade and flower vase.

4. Beads, Flowers and Feathers

One of the best things about turning your bedroom into a Bohemian one is, you have the liberty to decorate your bedroom properties with any ornaments ranging from strings of beads to a bed of feathers. You could even bring life to your table by lighting some candles in different forms and colors. You may want to attend some art fairs near your area and invest in new artistic items you could spread throughout your room to add Bohemian ambience to it.

Bohemian Bedroom Ideas 2

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