10 Tips For A Great Small Guest Room

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You can easily transform a small guest room, into a cozy escape, regardless of the amount of available space. A competent interior design can make an otherwise small guest room appear spacious by making a few changes. Continue reading the tips provided below to discover these innovative ideas.

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1. Downsize the bed

A queen size bed takes up a lot of space. So, consider switching it with a smaller bed. This is a highly effective way of adding a few inches to the space.


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2. Create space around the bed
Moving the bed closer to the wall gives the impression of more space. Consider moving the bed away from the window and center it so that aisles on both sides are opened up. When you do this, the flow of the room will make it easier for your visitors to access the bed.

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3. Small mirrors make a big impact
We all know about the effects mirrors have in a room: They make the bedroom larger. Despite this, mirrors can be costly. Luckily, smaller mirrors can create a similar effect.

headboard a book case

4. Make the headboard a book case
This is yet another clever way of creating more space in the guestroom. Instead of having a standalone bookshelf that will take up a lot of space, consider making the headboard a book shelf – desk.

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5. Remove the unnecessary items
If the guestroom already has a closet, then you need to remove the bulky wardrobe. The space can be used instead as a seating area by guests who need no extra storage.


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6. Make good use of wall space
You can skip the wall decorations or the artwork. Instead hang hats, scarves, or any other accessories on wall surfaces that are far from the closet.


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7. Hang the lamp
A chandelier, lantern, or pendant lamp will free up lots of floor space. Furthermore, the chandelier will become a chic focal point of the small guest room.

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8. Lengthen Drapes
A significant change can be made using long drapes. White drapes, for instance soften light and make the guest room greatly appealing. When done right, the drapes will make an otherwise small room appear larger.

Tips For A Great Small Guest Room

9. The bed can also serve as a desk
Some guests may prefer to catch up on work at night. So, get rid of the oversized table and fix a bedside shelf where a laptop can be placed.

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10. Have a single piece of furniture on each wall
Avoid making the room crammed up with a chair and a bed on the back wall. The bed will appear to dominate the room while the chair will be shoehorned in.

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    I love the look of that gray paint with that wood floor on the picture right above point number 5. Maybe I will keep this picture available to me while I am having one of my rooms repainted. It might be a good idea to get professional help with this because I don’t have the skills or tools to do it this good.

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