Stylish And Comfortable Home

Stylish And Comfortable Home

When looking for a home, you want something that suits your needs and fits your lifestyle. It has to be a home that gives you peace of mind. A place that you can live in and go to after a hectic day. This home by  is the perfect example of a tranquil environment designed with chic and stylish décor. It’s personable and easy going. This ideal retreat is a getaway designed for the family who loves nature. It’s surreal in a way, but down to earth.

Acres of land surround the brick edifice. Step inside and you will find rustic décor combined with a soft touch. Various textures, gentle hues, and comfortable furnishings make this home a gem for relaxation.

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The open plan living room and kitchen area is rudimentary and practical, yet stylish and laid back. Neutral shades leave nothing to chance. Chocolate brown wing-back chairs, three seater medium beige sofas, a Chesterfied designed coffee table, and huge windows, create a dynamic vista. In fact, the area is somewhat like a labyrinth. Wherever you turn, there’s a room, a setting, a specific ambiance, a placid mood.

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The kitchen is stunning with stainless steel appliances. The décor is magnificent. Stainless steel and wood attractively complement each other, one easily balances out the other. The large dark rosewood island is bodacious, yet modest. It’s a great piece and really sets the temperament of the space. Something especially unique about the kitchen area are the triangle rosewood beams suspended from the ceiling. It’s an impressive feat of physics, and certainly requires the know-how of a top-notch interior design professional.

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The dining area has an imperial ambiance. It’s very formal and probably used during special occasions. Of course, everyday is a special occasion, so it may very well be used frequently. Either way, the style and arrangement are classic. This type of décor can hold its own for decades.

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The bedroom décor flows with the rest of the home. It’s simple, yet cozy. It’s non-fussy and beautiful. The adage “less is more” describes this bedroom perfectly, and the small loft is an added bonus. It’s similar to a play area that’s designed for serious living. In addition, the bathroom continues the simple, yet stylish mood of the residence.

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stylish traditional entrance with bench and mirror

The front door opens into a welcoming setting with a cushiony bench, resting beneath an antique framed mirror. Mirrors in corridors or near openings elongates the space beautifully. In fact, in dark areas, a mirror can replace light as it reflects the area and generates a sense of openness. Stylish And Comfortable Home 13

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In simple terms it all comes down to open spaces and comfort. This home reminds one of the freedom of space while capturing the ideal of hominess.

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