The Bangles The New Bracelet: Find The 10 Best

The Bangles The New Bracelet Find The 10 Best

Do you wish to wrap your wrists in style and shine with classy bangles and bracelets? Well, look no further than this! With everything from layering styles to bold cuffs to explore, you are certainly sure to find some new favorites. From Hermes printed enamel bracelets to Ted Baker’s collection, there is something for everyone. These 10 Best Bangles jewelry pieces are sure to catch everyone’s eyes.

If you love shiny things, have an artistic taste for bangles, and are a huge fan of peace sign, then these delicate jewelry pieces will certainly arm you with elegance and delicacy. Semiprecious, gorgeous stones that pop against the hammered sterlings, magnetic closures, loops coated with shiny rhinestone, heaps of Irish flowers, colored resin beads in layers, cuff-style stretch bangles with a subtle pink head bride cameo, etc make these bracelets extremely versatile and charming. They truly have an appealing beauty that will leave you totally mesmerized.

The Bangles The New fashion trend Bracelet Find The 10 Best

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1. , $4500. This bracelet is a universal symbol of love and commitment. The LOVE bracelet, created in 1970s New York, has sealed the passionate romances of a host of iconic couples. The LOVE bracelet is a flat bangle studded with screws that locks to the wrist. Opened and fastened with a screwdriver, the piece serves to sanctify inseparable love. This undeniably elegant unisex piece forms the basis of this signature jewelry collection. Bracelet, ring or necklace: how far would you go for love?


, $6800. Designed during the 1970s in the creative frenzy of New York, Juste un Clou is a creation that flouts convention, an unhindered transformation with remarkable strength. This collection traces the outlines of a style that is both modern and daring.

3. , $175. A giftable accessory set makes a statement in on-trend rose gold. The minimalist round watch features a glossy mother-of-pearl dial atop an openwork bangle aglitter with Swarovski crystals. A trio of complementing bracelets completes the sophisticated ensemble.

4. $ 395.00.  Chanel Gold Glitter Logo Bangle will be sure to dress up any outfit! This bangle is featured in gold-tone detail with a glitter sheen with the word ‘CHANEL’ written across the front.

5. , $178. Flaunt it sweetly with the Bendel Rox Candy Bangle. Crafted with gold or rhodium plated brass and adorned with Swarovski crystals, this luxury bracelet is a must-have for a sometimes sassy Bendel Girl.


, $129. Add polished panache with this slender bangle in rose gold-tone, complete with a blush acetone circular closure.

, $49. Always means forever. Wear this timeless bangle to honor the things that last. Inscribed in English, French, German, Italian & Spanish – because inspiration is universal. The inscription is: sempre, toujours, always, siempre, immer.

8. , $132. From the Lucite Sport Deco Collection. A bracelet of bright teal lucite and a slender bangle in gleaming goldtone, bound as one with aid from a liquid metal link.

9. , $325. Gold-tone Hermès Narrow Enamel bangle bracelet with aquatic enamel motif throughout. Stamped J from 2006.

10. , $48. A chic arrow design gets a lovestruck update from a delicate heart shape at one open end of a cuff bracelet that’s perfect for stacking with your other favorite styles.

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