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Oriental And Modern Western Flair

Oriental And Modern Western Flair

This apartment by Hauvette & Madani, combines the fine lines of Oriental décor with contemporary western flair. Furnishings are straightforward and colors are shallow. One of the most noticeable objects in this home’s interior are the rooms dividers. The inner part of the dividers have the texture of fine glass that has the effect of cultured rice-paper. In fact, the effect has a Feng-Shui appeal. Including the way the dividers open and close. With this type of interior philosophy, creating a balanced and harmonious stream of energy inside a home, creates a quality of Feng-Shui energy that exudes prosperity and tranquility. It’s obvious that this home has a serene ambiance. It’s simple and beautiful and is decorated furnishings that easily complement each other.

The dining space adjacent to the living room area continues the simplistic theme. The stunning rococo scone styled lighting on the ceiling is a stunning addition to the overall tone of the space. Wainscoting adds a traditional feel, while the white walls and ceiling remains an empty canvas that reflects the furnishings, muted hues, and overall theme to perfection.

Oriental And Modern Western Flair 2

The cushy white sofa, white and silver-grey accent pillows, glass top coffee tables, and unique brass hued fittings on the wall, all contribute to a well balanced layout that’s inviting, fresh, and crisp. The energy flows flawlessly. The space is uncluttered and simple. It’s easy to maneuver, which makes the space even more habitable.

Oriental And Modern Western Flair 3 Oriental And Modern Western Flair 4

Most people adore kitchens, especially nicely designed kitchens such as this one with blissful hues and superb functionality. The geometric tiled floor brings it all together and it does it with pizazz. It’s an amazing floor, yet it manages to remain subtle. Perhaps this is due to the dynamic turquoise cabinets, and glistening white tiled backsplash. It’s structural, simple, but energizing.

Oriental And Modern Western Flair 5

Bedroom décor pretty much depends on the resident’s lifestyle. Colors and furniture style is heavily influence by the way one lives their life. Whether it’s a children’s or adult bedroom, the energy of that room is all about whoever uses it, more so than any other part of the home. Both children’s bedrooms take on pastel hues that could easily be for a boy or girl. The design is creative, fun, simple, and bright.

Oriental And Modern Western Flair 6 Oriental And Modern Western Flair 7

The bathroom continues with the theme similar to the kitchen with aquamarine walls and ceiling and the identical geometric tile pattern. The extended sink is an interesting concept. It is very efficient and has a very communal appeal.

This home manages to combine a number of styles from Oriental to modernistic western influences. It’s simply designed with refined furnishings and accent pieces. It’s a home that is welcoming and lived in. Isn’t that what homes are for?

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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