10 Steps To Add Modern Accents To A Traditional Interior

french traditional and modern living room with fuchsia touches

Transitioning from traditional interior designs requires you to strike a middle ground between what you consider modern and what is not so modern but remains relevant. You will need a subtle sense of balance in merging the new with the old, and it is always important to get things right from the very beginning.


transitional living room with deep blue velvet sofa

Here are steps to achieving that balance in your interior accent:

modern pendant mix with classic pieces like a fold down secretary to created an eclectic mix

  1. Go for transitional furniture

Go for a relatively straight selection at all times. If possible, throw in some sweeping curves to make your accent appealing and inclusive for all. You want rooms that beckon people in, not ones that usher them out the door.


Modern Accents To A Traditional Interior 2

  1. Look around for subtle colors

The thing about color is that it is simply too tricky to handle and comes with way too many accents for most of us. Confusing? That is a feel among enthusiasts of interior design as well as common folk. Whether you are thinking about walls, furniture or even windows, go for subtle shades such as beige, tan and ivory.


modern and tradiotional dining room kitchen

  1. Warm wood tones are a modern addition to any traditional accent

Warm woods around a room create a feel that a room is neither too stodgy nor overly sleek. Throw in customized light fixtures and create a warm feel that invites and begs the visitor to stay on. Do not however go too deep with your tones.


modern traditional living room with white walls

  1. White walls are a great way of neutralizing a traditional interior

Of course, you do not want to go too white here ,as it reminds everyone of a hospital environment and hurts the eye. If possible, choose shades of white that create a subtly clean backdrop against the darker aspects of the room.


While the wooden stools and countertop are classic country, the bright yellow accessories and large letters on the shelf give this kitchen a new twist

  1. Accessorize your rooms

Remember those bits and pieces that hold nothing more than sentimental value to you? It is time to make them part of the grand plan. It could be a modern chandelier, a fancy hunting knife, letters in bright colors or a wallpaper straight from the fashion pages. Own these pieces and make them an intricate aspect of your décor.


Kelly Hoppen's house in neutral tones

  1. Neutral floors will do the trick

If you are implementing the idea of wooden floors, go for the aforementioned warm tones. Otherwise, soft textures will be a great asset when it comes to rugs and carpets.


antique or vintage chandelier with contemporary and reclaimed furniture

  1. Throw in some organic elements

Mix antique or vintage chandelier with contemporary and reclaimed furniture to set a soft stage for the perfectly weighted design patterns.

kitchen with subway tiles

  1. Tiles and grouts need to be part of the plan too

If possible, find subway tiles with sets of staggered joints and go with dark grout colors. There is a number of options out there for you, but the trick is to not space things out too much.


old and new kitchen design

  1. Natural elements add a cheeky twist to your style

The great thing about nature is that it has a way of intruding into your reality, and nothing marries the traditional with the contemporary the way things like natural materials do.


contemporary living room with gray sofa and pink touches

  1. Create a pattern

To create a great flow, keep some colors and materials popping up from time to time to remind yourself and those around about your original plan.

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