Morgane Sézalory’s Perfectly Mixed ‘n’ Matched Home

Morgane Sézalory's Perfectly Mixed 'n' Matched Home

Looking back, Morgane Sézalory once sold vintage finds on eBay and simply managed her blog. Count a few short years and the passion then turned into her very own brand in its own image, taking on a contraction of her first and last name- Sézane. Coming from the creator of the lovely fashion label, this apartment home is as surprising as her collection, compiling affordable yet charming things woman can’t help but fall for. This home has been dressed inexpensively but in the most beautiful, elegant, and awe-inspiring way.

The Boho lounge is filled with stylish Sézane small baskets as planters holding different kinds of rich green plantlife. They are placed on top of the white shelf, where an old wooden vintage chair in blue stands out as it sits on a patterned carpet. On the side, a wooden stool adds to the rustic feel and nature’s touch.

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Dine to the sweetness of Scandinavian ambiance, with an old wooden table and white chairs amidst the Nordic blue backdrop. A delicate clock is set upon the wall, while the top shelves are lined with trinkets, boxes and adorable small houses. The mirror and an assortment of vases brighten the scene.
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Morgane sure knows how to bring things together and blend them quite well, as seen in the mix ‘n’ match of patterns and shades in the accumulation of objects laden on a bookshelf. The shelf and the books itself tell their own story, neatly arranged to be opened and read anytime. A wicker basket, floor lamp, and ethnic rug accentuates the setting and wood flooring.

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Some of the Sézane collection includes pretty Japanese notebooks, Indian cushions, Moroccan boucherouites, candles, and brass accents among gorgeous great home decor finds. The bathroom arrives in the brilliance of black painted on the wall, while the cabinets look bright in white like the tabletop lavatory, and the countertop maintains wood material. The wall hangings, frames, baskets, racks, and even towels complement each other in striking beauty. The design of the wall appears simple yet remarkable given the interesting illustrations.

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A soft pastel touch envelops Morgane Sézalory’s two-month old, little girl Nina’s room. The white crib is situated alongside an exquisite old trunk passed down by her grandmother, which holds geometric pieces of toys and tiny shoes. The furniture is carefully set against the wall that’s been enhanced with a nice poster featuring a bear with a garland on its head, and hanging paper crafts in varied shapes.

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