Fashionable Manhattan Loft

Fashionable Manhattan Loft

Today we set foot on a Manhattan Loft that’s the perfect epitome of a fashionable home. Join the tour on this charming place you wouldn’t believe was actually a dull former warehouse space!

No wonder, it’s born out of an interior design firm owner’s imagination who’s had her works featured in the best publications including Traditional Home, Luxe, and New York magazine. Backed up by experience as an ex-Ralph Lauren employee under the luxury Black Label apparel, she’s got her place tailored to perfection.

As a matter of fact, Wolf says that the industrial decor theme isn’t done yet and tells how she constantly adds and subtracts to the setting. Nevertheless, it is worthy of an admiring look. The house holds a restrained color palette, sprinkled with generous patterns which bestows character into the home.

The loft is a 1200-square foot corner unit that has a total of 12 windows subject to exposure from east and south directions, allowing for natural light and rendering a very inviting place. Original details like the flooring, beams and freight elevator give an authentic flair within its exceptional design.

Natural materials such as sisal and reclaimed wood are made to blend well with industrial elements like steel, then mixed with traditional furnishing. The plain backdrop and brick walls are enhanced with the print, texture and color of accents like vases, baskets, pillows, rugs and fabrics. Wolf displays her collection of books, found in the living room table and also piled up on a chair, along with various objects to give the surroundings a personal feel.

The kitchen is comfortably roomy with lots of floor, counter, and shelf space. The area looks even bigger with the addition of large mirror in a wooden frame set behind the sink. Looking up, the ceiling is one fantastic work of art done by exposing the joists and original beams that elicits a genuine loft feel. A modern lamp shines above while a unique sliding door hanging on a rail is set against the wall. The bathroom spells elegance in every way with its classic black and white theme, luxurious tub, wooden accents and a hint of gold.

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The hallway is lined with a large mirror and long floor rug connecting the living room to the bedroom. Defining the bed is an exquisite, intrinsic headboard where plain and floral pillows rest, centered between two contemporary lampshades atop side tables. An ornate lamp matches the adorable complexity of the white-framed mirror, in the same room where a lovely couch draped in a canopy is placed near a large window.

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