How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints

How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints 5

One of the top trends when it comes to the interior design of the modern home is individualism. Homeowners are bringing their dreams to reality by incorporating their interior design with their personalities. Though uniqueness is majorly the key, exotic prints have been a top trend in the recent times. But seriously, wouldn’t you want your home to look extra colorful, but still hold some level of luxury? Keeping that in mind here is a guide on how to decorate your home with exotic prints.

• Consider your preferred theme

Before you jump into the top exotic themes available in the market, you will have to think about what you love. You cannot be comfortable in your home if you have the wrong choice of theme. Always go for what you desire, and what makes your home look spectacular.

For instance, Brazilian theme is trendy and a choice of many as well. A lot of homeowners prefer the vibrant green, which makes home colorful and homey.

Bright colors will accessorize the space and through in some wild taste. So as you go out for the best exotic print theme, ensure that you are comfortable with it.

• Match the print to the room/space

Just because you need to incorporate the trendiest exotic prints in your home doesn’t mean that you should include them in any room. Ideally, the exotic print you intend to apply in your home must match with the room. So if you were to decorate your kitchen, you should go for prints that have some level of brightness.

For example, applying zebra prints in your kitchen makes it bright and elegant. You can also apply the zebra theme prints in the bathroom, and go with leopard or tiger prints in the bedroom or the living room. Luckily, zebra theme is trendy and quite versatile. So you can apply it anywhere around the house, and it will fit perfectly.

• Incorporate with artwork

Another way of making the best out of the exotic prints in your home is by throwing in some matching artwork to accessorize further. So if you were to include some tiger/zebra/leopard themed prints in your bedroom or living room, adding a matching artwork can make a great impact in the space. If you have a bigger house that features a hallway in the front door, you can include plenty of artwork and even an exotic print rug.


How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints 4


How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints 2


How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints


How To Decorate Your Home With Exotic Prints 3

Always remember to match the themes if you want to use more than one accessory. Also, talking to a professional for further ideas on how to pull off a spectacular interior design with exotic prints can be helpful.

So how have you utilized the exotic prints in your home or are you planning to do so? Share with us your ideas and experiences.


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