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Erin Fetherston’s Hollywood Home

Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home

Erin Fetherston and her husband moved to Los Angeles to raise their family. This was an expected move because very few artists consider raising their children in New York. The first step was buying a good house of course!
When you look at the refurbishment she did to the 1923 build, you can instantly tell that she is a pro in the design industry. In fact, her husband used to tease her when they were still in New York, that their apartment resembled a fantasy princess palace. If she could transform an apartment that much, how about her actual home?
A peek into the house reveals a Disney-like reality; the interior decor, the arrangements, the patterns and the overall harmony is simply out of this world!

Erin decided to apply both feminine and masculine themes in the decorative elements. Having given birth to her first son, she admits that she had to embrace the family identity. Therefore, you will not find extensive pink accents in the main rooms or hallways except on the well-laid rose quartz crystals.
She collaborated with Mat Sanders, the co-owner of Consort Design for inspiration. With Mat’s help, Erin created a coffee table out of an ottoman. She upholstered it using washable organic mud cloth. She also integrated the living room with the nursery. She used the same cloth to cover the toddler’s glider.
She added some accessories to the house such as soft goods, table cloths, napkins, dog beds and pillows. Please note that every item was carefully selected to reflect the key themes without getting boring. The accessories appear in calm ethereal whites and muted tones ideal for a relaxed environment.
Erin revitalized the home with exotic fixtures and accessories such as a Persian Kilm Rug, Turris Lanterns, Lucca Serving Boards, Table Runners, Brass Wall Mirroring, a Custom Luna Table, Brass Geometric Sculptures, Round Metal Firewood Holders; Franco Albini Ottoman, Antique Dough Bowls, Tusten Table Lamps, a Rattan Pendant, a Santa Barbara Pendant, a Macrame Plant Holder, Patterned and Stripped Pillows among others.
Erin is quite the perfectionist especially when it comes to giving a special glow to a new home! The final product looks highly customized and lively. Well, that’s because she custom-created most of the decor herself. It is hard to satisfy the standards of a professional designer, but, Erin’s home blows most designers away! It’s fair to say that not many interior designers could have impressed her much. Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 2 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 3 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 4 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 5 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 6 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 7 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 8 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 9 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 10 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 11 Erin Fetherston's Hollywood Home 12

Her Hollywood home is truly epic! One glance into any of the rooms and you will be amazed at the tranquility and beauty of it all. Well, they say that the world around you, shapes you – I think Erin shapes the world around her!


Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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