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Expression Of The Latest “Urban” Trends: Loft Kitchen

Snaidero Loft Kitchen

Snaidero wins a special mention for its loft kitchen from the German 2017 design award.


This is the Loft’s spirit, perfectly inspired by an urban mood rich with references and suggestions. First of all, those coming from the industrial metropolitan world, those tied to old-time lofts where the raw materials, starting from wood, the metals oxidized by time and the big shelves are the most tangible signs of a recent past that resurfaces today more contemporary than ever.


A clear reference to an industrial imagery: the new Nolita handle has plenty of character; made with a Peltro finishing, it represents a synthesis of perfect functionality to all those looking for ergonomics, practicality and a strong personality.

Snaidero Loft Kitchen 2


The metropolitan identity of the project and its “used”, experienced style are emphasized by a contaminated use of different materials: the wood of the doors, material and natural, mixed with the Peltro finishing; the metal effect of the most graphic details such as the open containers with their aluminum structure painted with the new Peltro finishing, the hoods also with the Peltro finishing and with a clear industrial inspiration, and the new glass wall units with wire glass and Bronzo finishing. The skilled composition of these elements allows getting different interpretations of the project: rough and industrial rather or essential and elegant.

Snaidero Loft Kitchen 3


Two hoods completely designed by Snaidero: a significant design effort for a kitchen dedicated to all those who love to dirty their hands, cook and have fun in a space without compromise, fascinating and attractive. The Oslo  hood, available white or with a Peltro finishing, is inspired by the northern European landscapes, evoking a suburban loft atmosphere, while the St. Louis hood recalls professional household spaces and shows a structure with a Peltro finishing and covering of colored wire glass Bronzo.

Snaidero Loft Kitchen 4

Snaidero Loft Kitchen 5 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 6 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 7 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 8 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 9 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 10 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 11 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 12 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 13 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 14 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 15 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 16 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 17 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 18 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 19 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 20 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 21 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 22 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 23 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 24 Snaidero Loft Kitchen 25

Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

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    Paul D.

    It’s not even real, is it? It looks like a CG rendering.

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