One Of The Coolest Kitchen Designs

One Of The Coolest Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is the heart of a home. It is that common space where the family and friends gather from time to time to convene and share over food and drink. It should not only embody the nuances of the rest of the dwelling, but, in a sense, lead the rest of the home toward the desired theme. This is exactly how Michelle Zacks describes her “space lift” of Marly Ellis’ Brooklyn kitchen, which was did not at all reflect the look of the rest of the apartment. In keeping with the theme, Michelle Zacks kept with the white and bright décor of the other rooms in the apartment, adding a white backsplash to the area behind the sink. As a focal piece, reclaimed wood stained a dark color was used as shelving to sit in contrast with the brightness of the remainder of the kitchen, and as a means of tying the room together with the beautiful hardwood flooring. Overall, the result is a perfect backdrop to the original decorative woodwork and stained glass. This kitchen design brings both a modern feel and old world charm to inspire the soul. One Of The Coolest Kitchen Designs 2 One Of The Coolest Kitchen Designs 3

One Of The Coolest Kitchen Designs 4

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    This is absolutely beautiful. I would also be excited to add different pastel colored items on those wooden shelves. I love how all the colors are popping because of the white walls. I also noticed the gold hardware of the cabinet handles. So perfect

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    Susan | Kitchen Capital

    Very pretty kitchen. I love the style of the kitchen stools as well as the lighting. Great use of the plants as they nicely add more colour to the kitchen.

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    Zeel Kitchen Designs

    Indeed one of the coolest kitchen designs I saw on the internet today. So glad I found your blog, it is so helpful and a lot of important information to learn. Thank you for sharing these!

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