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A Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson

Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson

It is common and quite easy to integrate a modern style into a rustic home. Nonetheless, when it comes to the Beverly Hills – Hollywood homes, they always have a unique style that is not easy to copy. The recent trend of the Hollywood homes is the glam style, which was made popular by the one and only Kim Kardashian. 

However, Sasha Bikoff, has proven how possible it is to bring in the Hollywood glam style into a traditional home in the Hudson Valley.

All White Everything

The major thing that makes this home to have that glowing appeal is the white theme. Most of the walls are sparkling white, and some upholstery also has the snow-white theme. The integration of the white theme also goes well with other décor aspects around the house.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside

The designer has applied every possible aspect to make the house as homey and welcoming as possible. For instance, she has thrown in some elements that are always used on the exterior of the house, just to make it unique and appealing enough. She has included a live-edge console, a petrified wood table, as well as pebble-printed rug in the living room. All these have been included to bring the outdoors in, while still maintaining the blend of styles.

Embracing the Nature

Various décor aspects have been applied to the house to bring in the nature elements in the house. For instance, natural light is allowed to flow freely all around the house with perfection. A wall of windows in the living room and other big-size windows in different areas have been used to make the house well-lit with natural light. Also, there are two chairs in the living room, which are furnished in Mongolian sheepskin. The use of fur helps to integrate the nature element in the room.

Perfectly-Relaxed Bedrooms

When you go to the bedrooms, the master and guest bedrooms have been designed with a nice relaxation feel. The master bedroom features a neutral palette that resembles a birch tree, which helps to give it a relaxed surrounding. The walls feature some textured wallpaper that helps to balance the white theme. In the guest room, there is a Matouk bedding that goes well with a petrified wood table and a shag rug. The table and the rug give the room a woodsy theme, which is also quite cozy.

Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 2 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 3 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 4

Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 5 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 6 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 7 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 8 Hollywood-Styled Home In The Hudson 9

Images: One Kings Lane

Melina Divani

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