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Emily Klein

She is mother of three, cook, receipe enthusiast. Things she love? Real people eating real food.

10 Best Easy Summer Desserts With Fruit

Healthier Tropical Fruit Pizza free of gluten, grain, dairy, and refined sugar

What is summertime without a delicious selection of desserts to savor? Whether you are enjoying the company of friends and family at that fun summer cookout or special event, or just taking in a lazy day of rela in a screened-in porch overlooking the lake or bay, it's a great...

30 Most Pinned Salad Recipes on Pinterest

Most Pinned Salad Recipes on Pinterest

Do you easily get caught up in the effete menus Pinterest has to offer- especially when every chocolatey, cheesy and gooey recipe has a drool- coa picture to draw pinners in? Well, if you love to eat salads, Pinterest has a tempting variety of salad receipes that offer enough zest...