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Kids’ Room Full of Adventure

Kids' Room Full of Adventure

Kids are angels because despite the urge to change their personality every so often, all they pick in all these bouts of change is beauty and simplicity. Maybe that is the fun attached to growing up! This room by  Anna Mikhailovna, captures that; the real spirit that accompanies growing up....

Summer in the City with IKEA

Summer in the City with IKEA 5

Rela in the country or by the beach is lovely but with IKEA you needn’t travel so far to enjoy the warm weather this year. It doesn’t matter if your outdoor space is a high-rise balcony, a local park or a reclaimed urban garden. With a little help from our affordable...

A Calm Decor In A Wild Setting

calm traditional home decor

Casual elegance structured around soft tones is what this beautiful home signifies. It’s plush but not lavish. It oozes with comfort and exclusiveness. Located on Karpathos, Greece and designed by DESIGN LAB, it’s the type of home you love to live and play in. There’s a bit of shabby-chic décor throughout...

A Happy Place To Live In

A Happy Place To Live In 20

This unusually charming and welcoming apartment is spacious, bright, and modern with an art deco antique type flair. Furnishings are modernistic pieces that are mixed and matched in distinctive ways from color to textures. Gleaming white walls create the perfect backdrop to highlight the beautiful layout and décor in every...

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