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Functional Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Functional Contemporary Kitchen Designs

The kitchen is undoubtedly one of the most important spaces in the home and is the centre of activity in family life, a place to create, feel and live. Aware of its importance, at Porcelanosa they design kitchens to be functional and to meet the needs of each user, creating...

The Harley Davidson Loft

Harley Davidson Loft interior

The Harley Davidson Loft by Natalia Bespalova, has transformed the bland and uninspiring loft of a former grocery store, with a wide range of design trends that make use of the natural light that enters the interior space. The entire apartment measures 350 square meters, although the living space which...

18 Driftwood Decor Ideas

Driftwood Decor Ideas 2

Decoration using driftwood involves use of reclaimed old wood for creation of new and amazing designs. Designers have made different structures out of driftwood ranging from tables, lamps, stools, racks ,jewelries, candle holder, wall shelf or photo display. Driftwood is also very cool for table decoration – for centerpieces, place...

How To Decorate A Bedroom

How To Decorate A Bedroom

Bedrooms are like sanctuaries and decorating your bedroom in a way that makes you feel peaceful, comfortable, and blissful is very important. Whether you are looking for an eclectic bedroom style, country style, romantic, or just plain fun, there are hundreds of bedroom design ideas to choose from. Don’t forget...

A Dream House In Portugal

A Dream House In Portugal

Sometimes the exterior of a home cannot compare to the interior; however, this beautiful home in Alagoa Portugal manages to create a beautifully tranquil exterior décor that is just as pristine as the interior. It appears smaller than it really is. Five terraces, a huge field in the back full...

A Loft To Dream About

loft interiors with brick walls and wood

Wood has a way of taking any type of décor and bringing it down to earth whether the décor is art-deco, traditional, rustic, country, or modern. This loft radiates earthiness though it has modern furnishings with dashes of color. The ancient red brick walls, large windows, arched bridges, open space...

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