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Rustic Eclectic Farmhouse

Rustic Eclectic Farmhouse

Set in the Sonoran Desert, designed by David Michael Miller, this contemporary/eclectic interpretation of a rural French farmhouse strikingly blends furniture and finishes that are old and new. Antique building materials are set against modern and contemporary interior features, working together to create a relaxed and sophisticated home. The material...

10 Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas

Chateau Chic Bedroom Ideas 2

In interior décor, none comes close to the massive popularity of French designs enjoy. It’s quaint, rustic, antique and beautiful. Making use of plenty of ornamentation and wood, it can be modest or upscale. If you really love the look like millions others, try it out on your chic bedroom....

Lion Sands Dream Lodge

Lion Sands Dream Lodge 18

Of all the private reserves in South Africa, Lions Sands Game Reserve stands out from the rest of the pack. It has a rich history dating back from 1948 when the landowners decided to form the private nature reserve. However, the credit should be given to the original pioneers of...

Stylish Living Room Ideas

Stylish Living Room Ideas 14

The living room is one of the most active places in a home, the centre of focus even by guests. Did you know that with simple manipulations of furniture, arrangement and choice of color you can actually reflect your most sober thoughts and personality? Here is how: Position your sofa...

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