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A Great Tiny Kitchen

Great Tiny Kitchen

Minikitchen monobloc kitchen on castors. Boffi’s Minikitchen is a re-issue of Joe Colombo s celebrated 1963 design, realised now in Corian. Minikitchen in the form of a large trolley with kitchen functions: hob unit, mini-refrigerator, drawer, storage compartments, small cutlery drawers, sockets for small electrical appliances, big chopping board and pull-out worktop. (more…)

Modernistic Design

Modernistic Design

Spacious living creates a wonderfully open environment that emits beauty and generosity. This home certainly manages to emulate everything that is magnificent about great spaces decorated with fine furnishings. It starts with the exterior of the home with its many French and rooftop windows. Inside are all white walls and...

Vaucelles The Little Monastery

Vaucelles The Little Monastery 8

'Vaucelles' The Little Monastery, you can stay one night... you can stay one month... The history of the property goes far along. The land was a gift of Margaretha of Constantinople in 1275. In the late 16th century a small monastery with about 10 monks was founded depending from the...

Dream Vintage Elegant Bedroom

Dream Vintage Elegant Bedroom 2

The elegance of vintage can only be replicated through the use of simple and natural furniture, as well as soft hues of color. This bedroom evokes a vintage air with its successful use of cream colors in the curtains, ceilings and flooring. The sleeping area is kept modest with its...

Klövsjö Panorama Mountain Lodge

Klövsjö Panorama Mountain Lodge

A new mountain village is  emerging in the region of Jämtland,  right in the heart of the Swedish  mountains. With grass roof from Norway,  timber from Russia, solid oak floors  from Estonia, bathroom inspired by  Asia, large open fireplace and  underground parking, we take  mountain living to a new level....

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