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Deluxe Handcrafted Kitchen Design Ideas

Deluxe Handcrafted Kitchen Design Ideas

Christopher Peacock began his career in London during the early eighties, working at Terence Conran’s furniture store in London. After accepting an offer to work in the US he traveled first to Boston, Mass, where he worked as a designer at the Boston Design Center and then continued his career...

12 Blue Bathroom Ideas You’ll Love

blue bathroom idea with gold touches

A bright or dark vintage hue that’s pleasing to the eye, blue is a color that can complement every bathroom. You can create a modern look or retro appeal or anything in between. It can be calming or invigorating, warm and inviting, icy cool and breezy, comfortable and relaxed, whichever...

Fabulous English Kitchen Designs

Fabulous English Kitchen Design

Guild Anderson Furniture celebrate their fifteenth anniversary this year. Launched in 2003 by Nick and Hannah Anderson, this story is one of British entrepreneurial success. Founded in parallel with bringing up their young family, Guild Anderson started out like many business ventures in small premises on the family farm. Today, the...

An ‘Interior Nature’ With Modern Detail And Everyday Utilitarian Materials

industrial warehouse turned into modern office

Industrial warehouse turned into modern office by Leckie Studio Architecture + Design. Award-winning communications-based software company Slack located its multi-level headquarters in Vancouver’s Yaletown heritage district.  The Slack Headquarters re-imagines an industrial space into an interconnected multi-level open plan office, with modern detail and everyday, utilitarian materials. The new offices retain...

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