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Melina Divani

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Serene Country Family House

Serene Country Family House interior design

Christmas has come to this old farm house transformed by its owner, Esther Martin, in a bright, serene and very family retreat. Esther Martin is a magician of paper and cardboard. More than a year  Esther looked for a house to transform it into a comfortable place for her family. The...

Fish In Ice Fish Bowl

Fish In Ice Fish Bowl

Cool idea by designer Arthur Xin for Treecorona. You definitely have seen the scene of beating away thick ices for fishing in winter. When we see small fish swimming smoothly in the cold water, we fell comfortable and cozy. Fish in Ice cube is a newly-designed fish bowl by copying one national...

D.I.Y. Christmas Trees by PIXERS‏

D.I.Y. Christmas Trees by PIXERS‏ 3

Decorate your home with original sets of adhesive Christmas decorations! The adhesive, removable Christmas Trees by PIXERS‏ are destined to cut them off the worksheet and install on the wall - they are eco-friendly and easy to take off, so the wall won't be damaged. The trees are printed on PIXERStick, reusable and removable adhesive...

Skyline 2.0 New Kitchen Design by Snaidero

Skyline 2.0 New Kitchen Design by Snaidero yellow 3

Skyline 2.0 by Snaidero is the kitchen that is measured against your horizon, orienting itself to the natural logic of your gestures, in a very different way. It does this by means of an innovative design, which breaks free of conventional schemes without compromising on comfort and functionality. The design...

40 Fireplace Decorating Ideas

Fireplace Decorating Ideas 20

The fireplace is arguably the focal point of a living room whether on or off and be it during the summer or winter. Its positioning in the room is eye catching and emphasis must be made to make it maintain and portray collective interior beauty. Here are some tips on...

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