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Melina Divani

Melina Divani is the owner and creator of angelshealingandrecoverychurch.org. Interior Design is her infinite passion without stop. Follow Melina on Instagram

10 Best Champagne Glass Designs

Champagne Glass design idea

Champagne has always been associated with celebration, so it should be served in a festive flute. Inject a little celebrity sparkle into any occasion with fabulous Champagne Glasses.  The Contemporary Double-walled Champagne Flutes design ensures the bubbly stays crisp and cold, sip after sip, and remains condensation free. This beautiful concept is...

Vintage Furniture Dressed With Unexpected Patterns

Vintage Furniture Dressed With Unexpected Patterns

  Jessica Lichtenstein has taken her talents to furniture where she transforms vintage pieces; repainting and reupholstering them with fabric in her signature highly sexualized patterns. Lichtenstein challenges viewers to confront his or her own gaze with her use of hyper sexualized imagery presented in beautiful, unexpected settings. Her furniture...

Living Room Ideas With Beautiful Wall Units

contemporary wall unit-library poliform

Showcase your collection of books and family photos in an attractive wall system. Wall System allows for a wide range of design solutions for a library, entertainment center of the most sophisticated wall unit.  Wall system is completely freestanding and can adapt to all architectural units. A design solution to make...

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