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Great Contemporary Interior By Vladimir Bolotkin

contemporary living room Vladimir Bolotkin

Contemporary Design By Vladimir Bolotkin. Great  modern interior decorating with gray and beige tones. This contemporary house shows how the two earth tones  can work to create a visually stimulating room without it being too warm or too cold. Simple, clean lines with large windows devoid of decorative trim. (more…)

26 Rela Green Living Room Ideas

Green brings a soothing element to any space. By using a range of tones in this living room, it prevents clashes and brings harmony between the shades. Placing artwork on a picture ledge means the display can easily be changed without having to re-hang anything. (more…)

24 Purple Bedroom Ideas

Have you ever thought about what your choice of wall colour and soft furnishings says about you? The colour scheme you choose for your bedroom could be quite revealing... Recent research by showed that people who decorate their bedroom purple, have the most fun with, ahem, 3.49 intimate encounters a week. Photograph Martin Morell Bedroom...

1940s Spanish Factory Turned Into A Contemporary House

José Gandía Blasco house

In Ontinyent, a one-time suburb of Valencia that is now at the centre of a burgeoning design hub, José Gandía-Blasco lives what he sells. In his five-storey home—which is annexed to the 1940s Rationalist-style factory his father built for the family furniture business and which remains the company’s flagship—the master of contemporary...

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