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Song Saa Private Island Villas

Song Saa Private Island Villas

  Song Saa Private Island luxury Over-Water, Jungle and Ocean-View villas In the warm sapphire waters of the Gulf of Thailand. Harmony, sustainability and world-class luxury are the core principles that underpin the design of villas. Natural materials create a sense of synergy with the sea, the rainforests and the local culture....

40 Moroccan Themed Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Moroccan Bedroom 5 Decorating Ideas

If you're looking to bring an exotic yet elegant feel to your bedroom, you should consider the elegantly mysterious elements found in Moroccan style décor. The exotic nature and vast assortment of patterns and colors found in Moroccan furniture and accessories make it a popular choice for designers. A Moroccan themed bedroom looks gorgeous...

Hydrofarm Plant Grow Light System

Growing Lights for Indoor Plants. The Hydrofarm JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System is ideal for seedlings, cuttings, flowers and house plants. Efficient grow light stands bring the sunshine indoors. The super efficient T5 lights help you grow faster by providing 15-20% more lumens than traditional grow lights. It features a simple toggle clamp for...

Penthouse Features An Awesome Polished Steel Slide

penthouse with slide

  Penthouse named SkyHouse located in New York designed by David Hotson Architect and Ghislaine Viñas Interior Design. SkyHouse is a penthouse occupying four floors at the summit of an early skyscraper situated in the unique vertical cityscape of Lower Manhattan.  The building was completed in 1896 and is one of the earliest surviving skyscrapers...

Japanese Style Inspired Contemporary Penthouse

lycabettus penthouse interiors

Japanese Style Inspired Contemporary Penthouse named lycabettus penthouse in Athens, Greece designed by esé studio. esé Studio Architects was born from a new collaboration Between Sotos Mallas and Aaron Ritenour. The  partnership was a result of a long time friendship and wonderful results after many previous collaborations.  The name of the office is...

Wine Cork Candles with Merlot Scent

Wine Cork Candles with Merlot Scent

DecoGlow's Wine Country candles are inspired by the rich scents and colors of vineyards. In this collection you will find fragrances of Merlot and Sparkling Grape decorated with clusters of grapes and corks - perfect gift for a wine lover! These candles are perfect for a casual dinner! Find it here....

Interiors In A Bold And Irreverent Way

house interiors with bold colors by galeazzo design

  House named Terrace2 located in São Paulo, Brazil designed by Galeazzo Design. With 88m² the space has a lot of colors and its inspiration comes from the crossing of the east (orient) and west (occident) cultures, in a contemporary way. With the segmented painting on the walls and roof, the...

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