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Modern Country Retreat by The Design Practice

Modern Country interior byThe Design Practice

Modern Country Retreat by The Design Practice in Scotland designed by The Design Practice. A modern country retreat at the famous Gleneagles golf course built for traditional lodge-style entertaining, but not withholding technology and modern comforts.   To capture, respect and compliment the house’s position in one of the most world...

Open Feeling Loft by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Loft by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Open Feeling Loft located in Portland designed by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. This loft apartment is on Portland’s NW 13th Avenue, one of Portland’s most interesting streets. Located in the recently transformed Pearl District, the street is a busy ensemble of shops and apartments housed in late-19th and early-20th-century loft warehouse structures, with the buildings...

30 Magnificent Contemporary Living Room Designs by Alexandra Fedorova

Contemporary Living Room Designs by Fedorova50

 Alexandra Fedorova's interior design portofolio is a true inspiration. The award-winning Russian architectural firm specializing in contemporary design "Out of Time", which is relatively modern and at any time after 10,20,30 years ... timeless, eternal and therefore valuable. Check out these 30 Magnificent Contemporary Living Room Designs! (more…)

Amazing House Interior Design

Amazing House Interior Design

  This house located in Östermalm, a  large district in central Stockholm, Sweden, spotted on Langerlings has amazing interior design. A beautiful masonry fireplace located in the corner can be seen from both the kitchen and living room. The fireplace in Scandianavian homes are usually located in the corner of the room. Lovely modern Scandinavian interior design! (more…)

36 Stylish Primitive Home Decorating Ideas

Primitive home decor  goes a long way in making your guest's feel welcome or putting them at ease. Successful Primitive, decorating can be as simple as changing your way of thinking. Learn to create displays by using old, vintage items in new ways. You can scour garage sales, flea markets, junk stores, to find something...

A Modern Country House Like No Other

interior design modern country

I'm so excited to share with you these modern country interiors! A farmhouse turned into this awesome modern country living space by VIVA VIDA. All the rooms are cozy with its own character. Constitute a set of original details such as the knitted parts ladder and (re) use of old materials....